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Stroke Victim 2



Stroke Victim 2


Another gentleman who had a stroke 2 years ago is currently being treated at our facility.

When he arrived the first time he was helped out of the car by his wife and he used a wheelchair to get to the chamber. The Dive Master then assisted him into the chamber and out of the wheelchair. He was unable to lift his left leg at all before the session. His left arm is also not mobile at all. During the first session after having been on the 100% oxygen for 30 mins he tried again to lift his left leg and to his surprise he found he could lift it a little. He was very happy with this improvement.

When he arrived for his second session he was helped out of his car by the Dive Master, he did not use the wheelchair. He said his leg is much more mobile and between him and the physiotherapist they are trying to work the muscles again.

When he arrived for his third session he got himself out of the car and (gingerly in all fairness) to the chamber. This was a substantial improvement. He says that his arm, although still nowhere near right, is more mobile and this is helping him work it. His hand unfortunately is still unresponsive.

He continues to have treatments based on the premise that provided he sees continual improvement (no matter how small), he will have further sessions.


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