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Stroke Victim



Stroke Victim 1


A gentleman who had a stroke came to our facility to see if Hyperbaric Oxygen could assist his quality of life. He was walking with the aid of a cane and was not communicating (although he could speak) with his family. He had one session. He was helped into the chamber by the Dive Master.

During the session when he started breathing the 100% oxygen (using the hood) he suddenly started chatting with the hyperbaric assistant and then picked up and read a magazine. His wife (who was viewing the session from the outside) could not believe her ears (and eyes). She was absolutely stunned. She said "but he has not been talking to us at all!".

When the session was over, the Dive Master went to help him out of the chamber and he said "no! I can do this alone" and stepped out of the chamber and went off to the bathroom on his own without his cane.

That was the only session he had and his wife says he's doing fine now, communicating as he did before his stroke and walking fine on his own without a cane.

What you must understand here is that everyone is different and will respond to hyperbaric oxygen differently depending on the extent of the damage done to the brain. This gentleman was lucky that it took only one session to help him. Others may have to have more sessions.


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