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Skin Flap Failure



This skin flap was performed 48hrs after Mohs surgery to remove a malignant melanoma in-situ.

The whole purpose of Mohs surgery is to remove as little tissue as is possible. Once done, the skin flap repair should yield as little scarring as possible. The unfortunate outcome of this skin flap failure could have resulted in disfigurement far greater than had standard plastic surgery protocols been used to remove the melanoma. The use of Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments prevented this potentially severely disfiguring outcome.


16th Feb 2006 - 12 Days post op

(Notice extensive necrotized tissue)



1st March


4th March


15th March


21st March 2006 


3rd April 2006


24th April 2006


10th May 2006


3rd July 2006


1st Sept 2006



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