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Crush Injury Finger



This injury was the result of a 48 year old woman's finger being trapped in an automatic capsule loading machine.

The initial casualty prognosis was that the damage was so extensive and bone fragments so scattered (finger bones being so small and delicate) that amputation at the knuckle was a strong probability. Upon further consultation with the Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr Mike Cheesman, and an understanding that hyperbaric oxygen therapy would be used as an adjunct treatment in an attempt to save the finger, surgery was initiated. It was however anticipated that additional  surgery, (plastic) would be needed at a later stage because of the lack of tissue on the top of the finger.


19th April 2007 Trauma X-Ray Undamaged Finger


19th April 2007

Trauma X-Ray damaged Finger


1 week post surgery

2 weeks post surgery

4 weeks post surgery after pin removal

  1. 2 weeks later

  2. 4 - 8 weeks later


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