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Collar Bone - Failure to Heal



Collar Bone - Failure to Heal


A 54 year old woman broke her collar bone on New Years Eve. The hospital originally said there was nothing broken, just ligament damage. The next day however the collar bone was confirmed broken by the orthopedic surgeon. It was decided that no pins were necessary and her arm was placed in a sling and she was told to be back 6 weeks later for a check up.

At the 6 weeks check-up she was devastated to learn that absolutely no healing had occurred whatsoever. She was horrified having not gone to gym, not ridden her horse or done anything essentially for the past 6 weeks. She heard about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy from someone at the stable-yard. She had 4 sessions in 2 weeks and then went to see another orthopedic surgeon. Based on the substantial healing observed she was allowed to go back to riding her horse again.

This lady continued with sessions for a couple of weeks longer (to make sure of the healing) and now comes twice a month because she truly believes in the beneficial effect the oxygen has on her immune system.
















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