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Canine Orthopedics



Canine Orthopedics Case

Dotty, a 10 year old cross-breed weighing about 25 kgs had a titanium plate put into her knee and cruciate ligament reconstruction.
Having had a similar operation some years back on the other leg and having had serious complications with that procedure which culminated in severe infection, Dotty's owner decided to do things differently post this operation.
Dotty was sent home 4 days after her operation and the next day she came into the chamber for her first HBOT session. The 2nd session was 2 days later and thereafter she came once a week for 6 treatments in total.
She saw the vet after treatment 5 (6 weeks after her op) and when he looked at her and her x-rays he said “considering her age she is doing remarkably well" about 30% better than he had expected. We did not tell the vet what we had been doing.
Dotty then saw a dog-physio (American trained lady) who has seen many other dogs after similar ops. She said she was very impressed with Dotty's progress and that she was streets ahead of even where she thought she should be (the physio has come across HBOT for animals during her training in the USA).
















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